New Opportunity for Financing Agriculture

Financing the Agriculture Sector in Armenia (FASA) is a Financing and Technical Assistance programme financed with funds from the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation (BMZ) and managed by KFW and Central Bank of Armenia (CBA) via the German Armenian Fund (GAF).

Our target is contribution to development of rural areas in Armenia by fostering employment and economic growth via improved access to financial services for rural entrepreneurs and capacity building of the partner banks and credit organizations in agricultural lending.

Borrower’s Profile

  • Legal entity, sole proprietor or individual farmer
  • Turnover: up to AMD 1.5 bln (last reporting year)
  • Assets: up to AMD 1.0 bln (end of the last reporting year)
  • Permanent employees: below 250


Borrower should be engaged in

  • Crop growing and horticulture
  • Animal breeding, aquaculture (incl. fishing), support services
  • Pre-harvesting and post-harvesting activities
  • Processing and preserving of fruits, vegetables, meat and fish (from local inputs)
  • Manufacturing of dairy products and cheese (from local inputs)
  • Manufacturing of flour and animal feeds (from local inputs)
  • Manufacturing of pesticides and soil fertilizers
  • Trading, leasing and repairing of agricultural machinery and equipment and spare parts thereof
  • Construction of agriculture related buildings and storage


Borrowing conditions


Loan purpose Currency Loan amount (total max 108 mln) Loan maturity
Capital expenditures AMD ≤ AMD 75 mln min 2 years
Working capital ≤ AMD 33 mln min 8 months


What can be financed


  • Agricultural land and buildings
  • Machinery, equipment, vehicles, and tools
  • Fruit trees and vines, cattle and flocks
  • Inventory and supplies, incl. seeds, fuel, pesticides
  • Services for pre-, post-harvesting and support activities
  • Labor costs and rent of business assets


Partner Financial Institutions